Virtual Assistance brings a fresh approach to the administrative profession. The professionals are called Virtual Assistants or VAs. VAs are entrepreneurs who provide administrative and personal support while working in long-term collaborative relationships with only a handful of terrific clients. Using phone, fax and e-mail, VAs support their clients across the globe and most often never meet their clients face to face.
Less than you might think. Outsourcing your work to Realtors Works means you only pay for the services and time you need. Our rates are very competitive and offer a better value over the cost of traditional employees. Because we are an independent contractor, you’re not required to pay employer taxes or benefits.
Realtors Works provides more than just administrative services. We have developed the proficiency, skill and expertise to quickly identify how to serve you better and offer effective solutions that add value to your bottom line.
Yes, we do provide hourly rate services even in our customized plans, if any. However, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our monthly plans with hourly rates at as low as $5 per hour. We have designed our plans in such a way that the higher the plan hours, the lower will be your hourly rate.
Keeping track of hours is made easy!! On a daily basis, your dedicated virtual assistant would send you a log of hours sheet, most probably in excel format, with the recent status of each of the jobs assigned if you request him to do so.
Please feel free to contact us at support@www.realtorsworks.com to know the answers of any specific questions which are not quoted hereinabove.
Numerous security measures are bought in place to ensure privacy and safety of your highly important data. Our Operations facility is well equipped with security measures ensuring the confidentiality of not only your highly sensitive data but also any fraction of anything you share with us while being engaged in a corporate relationship when you hire a virtual assistant from us for any sort of your requirements.
Most of our clients are from the US, the standard shift timing is 9.00am through 6.00pm CST. The virtual assistant will work Monday to Friday, eight hours a day, excluding one-hour total breaks (total 9-hours). However, to accommodate the needs of our clients from other countries, the virtual assistants can be made available for different time zones and slots as well but you are advised to discuss it with the Sales Dept in advance.


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